OMG Finishes

Monday, August 22, 2016


This Giant Star quilt has languished for I don't know how long waiting for the binding to be hand sewn. I made it to try the pattern but also just to use up some boy fabrics.
Well this week I got the needed push to finish it and it has now been gifted along with the chevron quilt.
A  family, with a 3 year old and 6 month old, in our small town tragically lost their house and all it's contents in a fire last week. One of their friends coordinated collecting clothes and bedding for the children. So what does a quilter do but donate quilts.
When I was young we also had the tragedy of having our house burn to the ground and the support of the community was amazing so of course I didn't hesitate to give. It was very emotional when I handed the quilts over as the woman who was collecting the goods burst into tears when I told her I had made them. She found it hard to believe someone would do this for a stranger but isn't that what we as quilters do when we can?

I quilted the star quilt with a meander and star pattern

I have been busy quilting two children's applique quilts for a client but I can't show you the front of them as I don't have permission, and they have not been collected as yet. But how about a little sneak peek-
Green minkee on the back that did not cause any issues at all. I have had three applique quilts to do for this client so thinking up different designs for each one has been a challenge but almost there-just the borders on the last one to go.

I also handed over the elephant quilt that also prompted tears from the grandma I made it for. I handed it over at work and got some  amazing feedback and another order for a baby quilt.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

OMG for August

As I was tidying up my sewing room I was folding these fabrics and thought they go well together so why not make them into a quilt. I have been using the purple star fabric for over 10 years now-boy I must have bought a lot of it or maybe it's been a second purchase.

My goal for this month is to sew it into a quilt using the Wiggle Time pattern from Cynthia at I will make it as big as the fabric allows. I have used this pattern before to make this Queen size quilt-
Of course Maisie had to pose for her shot as well.

Here is a shot of her yesterday-

Determined to fit into her bowl od catnip and sleep the afternoon away!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

After my holiday I decided I needed to reacquaint myself with Remy-my longarm before I quilted the elephant quilt. I found this top I started years ago and never finished and now can't remember what the plan was for it so decided to just quilt it up-it has finished at 35x52 inches and has a nice flannel backing so will keep a little child warm.
No matter where I tried to photograph this the true colours never showed-it is a lot more vibrant than it looks here.
Quilted with freeform leaves and circles-liked how it turned out.
Backing of left over pieces of flannel.
Then it was onto the elephant quilt that ended up giving me a lot of issues, but I do like the end result . I backed it with a red minkee dot-mistake number one but by the time I realized it would be an issue I had already ditch stitched and stitched around all the applique so I was not going to unpick all that.
It was at that point that a Webinair by Kim Brunner came up in my Facebook feed so I sat and watched it-well worth it. It was about loading and keeping a quilt square on your longarm and in it she said if using light fabric on the front that has a lot of negative space think carefully about a dark backing fabric as it will give a coloured tint to the front-So true but too late.
In the end the pink glow is not so much of an issue as the baby has now delivered and she is a healthy little girl (they did not know whether they were having a girl or a boy) .
The major issue I had was with the red minkee pulling through to the top, especially when I was using red bobbin thread and it wasn't a tension issue, so very frustrating and resulted in a lot of unpicking-in fact I think I spent longer unpicking than quilting!! Next I tried a grey bobbin-(I personally like my bobbin thread to blend with the backing, not necessarily matching the top thread.) and that just ended with more unpicking. Finally I gave in and loaded a white thread and although not perfect it is passable. I have since read on MQ Resource that a quilter had the same problem with orange minkee which she solved with two layers of batting-too late for me!! I think in the future I will stick to the lighter colours as I have never had a problem with them. I do however have a client quilt to do that she supplied a bright lime green minkee so I hope that one behaves.
I wonder how many more elephant quilts I have in my future. I love both the ones I have done so far and got a call from the recipient of the yellow and grey one to say how much she loved it and they were her favourite colours (did not know that when I made it). Wonderful to hear the quilt is being used.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Holiday over

This is where I have been!
Just look at this glorious deserted expanse of beach on the Sunshine Coast of Australia- a spot called Marcoola  (don't tell everyone though or it might become crowded!!)
This beach is 15 mins from my sister's house so you can imagine we spent time walking the sands. Not warm enough to swim as it is winter but 23degrees Celsius so I was happy.

There house is also close to hinterland so if it wasn't walking on the beach it was bush There had been some heavy rain so it was great to have the waterfalls flowing.

I always like to have some craft to do on holiday and this time decided to try some hand stitching and managed these hexagons-who knows what they will end up being.

Now that I am back home , and to not such pleasant weather, it is time to get into the sewing room again. It always takes me awhile to get back into the swing of life after a holiday so I decided to just continue with some string blocks as a start.

To sash or not to sash is the question-opinions welcome!

Then it is onto another elephant quilt request-this is for one of the woman I work with who is about to become a grandma for the first time. She saw the first one of this design I made-
but thought the colours were too dull. She loves brights! So I took in some samples of fabric for the elephant that I thought would work (all from my stash) and this is what she chose.

Now that I see this photo I need to add another feather in the space in the upper right corner by the green feather as that looks like too much white space. Then it is on to the borders and the quilting.

Thanks for visiting and all comments welcome.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Fun

I have finished the ABC quilt but cannot show you the whole quilt yet. I liked how it turned out and hope the owner does as well.

I have been having more fun practicing and used the Marmalade 2 pattern from Moda Bakeshop but did make it longer. Quilted with Curly Heart panto from Lorien Quilting.
And pale blue minkee with stars on the back
This does not have a forever home as yet but there are several babies due over the next few months so I need to start having a stock ready. I love this pattern and may now make one with pink fabrics.

I did not set a OMG this month as tomorrow I leave for a two week holiday on the Sunshine Coast of Australia-visiting family and looking forward to hopefully some sunshine and a little warmer than here-I LOVE summer!!
I have cut out some hexies to hand stitch if I need some craft time. I am not a hand stitcher so we will see how far we go with the project.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Having Fun

Wonderful ABC Quilt for a client

Friday, May 27, 2016

Bindings Next

May is coming to an end and so it is time to show my May OMG that is all quilted and now ready for the binding-if I can get it away from 'The Evil One' !!
I laid it on the floor to trim it and it was quickly taken over and she didn't like it when I took it to take photos of it.
This was a practice quilt  (that will be a lap quilt for this winter) to use Remy to quilt a panto. I certainly did not have a smooth path so it is a bit jerky but once washed and crinkly you won't notice.
I also decided to use a variegated thread that may not have been the wisest choice for my first panto on this machine but I do like the effect. 
The panto is Slick by Lorien Quilting and the thread is a King Tut by Superior.

Another quilted one that is ready for binding and I love how it turned out.
And look at the backing- a light pink minkee that I think shows the quilting so well-
Onto the binding now.
I have another quilt loaded and quilting has begun- forgot to take a before photo so it will have to be a finish photo.
Happy quilting.