OMG Finishes

Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Fun

I have finished the ABC quilt but cannot show you the whole quilt yet. I liked how it turned out and hope the owner does as well.

I have been having more fun practicing and used the Marmalade 2 pattern from Moda Bakeshop but did make it longer. Quilted with Curly Heart panto from Lorien Quilting.
And pale blue minkee with stars on the back
This does not have a forever home as yet but there are several babies due over the next few months so I need to start having a stock ready. I love this pattern and may now make one with pink fabrics.

I did not set a OMG this month as tomorrow I leave for a two week holiday on the Sunshine Coast of Australia-visiting family and looking forward to hopefully some sunshine and a little warmer than here-I LOVE summer!!
I have cut out some hexies to hand stitch if I need some craft time. I am not a hand stitcher so we will see how far we go with the project.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Having Fun

Wonderful ABC Quilt for a client

Friday, May 27, 2016

Bindings Next

May is coming to an end and so it is time to show my May OMG that is all quilted and now ready for the binding-if I can get it away from 'The Evil One' !!
I laid it on the floor to trim it and it was quickly taken over and she didn't like it when I took it to take photos of it.
This was a practice quilt  (that will be a lap quilt for this winter) to use Remy to quilt a panto. I certainly did not have a smooth path so it is a bit jerky but once washed and crinkly you won't notice.
I also decided to use a variegated thread that may not have been the wisest choice for my first panto on this machine but I do like the effect. 
The panto is Slick by Lorien Quilting and the thread is a King Tut by Superior.

Another quilted one that is ready for binding and I love how it turned out.
And look at the backing- a light pink minkee that I think shows the quilting so well-
Onto the binding now.
I have another quilt loaded and quilting has begun- forgot to take a before photo so it will have to be a finish photo.
Happy quilting.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quilting on Remy

The quilting has begun on the pink star quilt. Using inspiration from both Angela Walters and Judi Madsen's books this is where I am at, and liking it so far.
Before I loaded this one on the machine I made a zig zag quilt that started out with one lot of fabrics that I ended up not liking so delved into my stash and although I'm not sure I love it I was able to have fun quilting it. It will keep a little girl warm this winter
Measuring 40 x 55 inches
I had decided how wide I was making it then just kept adding rows until I was happy with the layout.
I started with straight line quilting and originally was going to alternate that with spirals but liked the look of the puffy owls so just ditch stitched in the seam lines on the yellow fabrics. It certainly took practice quilting those spirals but it got better the more I did.
And a view of the back, although the quilting can only just be seen.

Now it's onto the binding.

Friday, May 6, 2016


Well I think this poor quilt has been languishing on the design wall far too long, and while I have some other projects I need to be working on my goal is to get one more row of blocks made and get this baby quilted.
I made this from left over pieces of a batik jelly roll that I used for another quilt and added Kona Ash and I like the result. I made it with the intention of quilting a Pantograph on it and so it will be the first panto on my new longarm and I will see if it is easier than the  Funquilter

Friday, April 29, 2016

April OMG Finish

Well my goal was to use up, and add to, a pile of pink and white half square triangles.
This was the design I started with-

While I like this design (and it is still laid out on my design floor!) it was starting to be bigger than what I needed for the baby quilt I had in mind. I will finish it but it will end up with a different home.
So the half square triangle making continued and I have finished this top which I do really like-
Don't be fooled by that blue sky. The day I decided to take the photos there was an autumn wind blowing and try as I may I couldn't get a shot with the quilt still. On saying that I like the lift the quilt has here.
I based the design on a quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe in the book Modern Baby however that one was made with pallelograms but I wanted an easy way to piece the top.
It is now on  Remy, the longarm, (who is behaving) having the ditch stitching done-then I need to decide how to quilt it-suggestions welcome.
Judi Madsen's of Green Fairy Quilts ruler, which I love for straight lines.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Quilt of Firsts.

Another baby quilt using the Quilt Strippy pattern but this is one of some firsts for me.
So this probably looks like all the others that I have made with this pattern however-
This is the first quilt I have quilted on 'Remy' (as in Remy Martin-my favourite Cognac-and no I am not an alcoholic!!) my new to me Nolting Pro 24. I have never made a secret of the fact that my Funquilter and I have never really bonded (although it has been a lot better of late so isn't that typical), and have talked about getting a new machine with a bigger throat space for some time. Used Longarm Machines are not very often available to buy in New Zealand so when I found this one for sale I went to try it out and now it is mine. I am still on a learning curve with her, so I have been sewing up some tops to try her out.
All in all she ran pretty well for this quilt- no tension issues which I was so happy about.
Quilted with Glide thread and Magna Glide pre wound bobbins.

I had one problem when quilting this quilt  but I'm sure it wasn't the machine, however I had to change the needle 3 times!!!! during the quilting process -and that has never happened before so another first!.
I used a flannelette backing and a new to me polyester batting. The needle kept becoming blunt and this is what kept occurring-that is all the batting pushing through the backing. Is it because I loaded the batting up the wrong way? Any advice gratefully received.

Then the last first was I added a Flange Binding-

It's by no means perfect but I love the effect it gives.
I had trouble keeping my stitch line in the right spot so there are some places on the back where I have stitched onto the binding, but I'm sure with more practice that will improve.
It certainly gives the quilt finish a lift and it is not that hard to do. I followed the Missouri Star Quilt Company You Tube Video that explains the process very well.
So another finish and more to come from Remy.